The Department of Italian at UCLA offers a unique combination of literary, linguistic and cultural experience at both the undergraduate and graduate level, making it one of the most prestigious programs for Italian Studies in North America.

Besides covering the full range of Italian language and literature, the Department also provides scholars the possibility of approaching Italian culture through film; through linguistic history and dialectology; through interdisciplinary ties to many other UCLA departments; and through close relationships with the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, the Center for Jewish Studies, and the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles…

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Featured Courses

  • IT 102B Italian Cultural Experience in English

    Instructor: Elissa Tognozzi

    This course looks at the Renaissance discovery of human genius through literature, art, and music.

  • IT M158 Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Italian Culture

    Instructor: Lucia Re

    An overview of the changes in the position of women in Italian society after the country’s unification in 1861

  • IT 191 Variable Topics Research Seminars: The Italian Renaissance in Popular Culture, Film, and Fiction

    Instructor: Meredith K. Ray

    Renaissance history and culture while investigating the ways in which popular representations portray, adapt, appropriate, or distort

  • IT 216E Studies in the Renaissance: The Worth of Women: Gender, Culture, and Literature in Early Modern Venice

    Instructor: Meredith K. Ray

    Venetian women articulated some of the most powerful critiques of gender inequality in the early...