Language Placement Exam

Language placement exams are given online upon request.  The exams are web-based and are best taken in a computer lab on campus. Location of UCLA computer labs can be found on the Schedule of Classes for Italian. The exam may be taken off campus upon approval.

Students enrolled in Italian 1 who have never studied or spoken Italian do not need to take the exam. The exam is offered to people who have studied in schools where they did not receive college credit. High school students, for example, would take the placement exam. Students who grew up speaking Italian would also be eligible to take the exam. Students who studied in private schools in Italy but do not have credit on their transcripts may take the exam to determine where they would place or to pass out of a language requirement.

There are two placement exams. One exam is for first year Italian and covers Italian 1-3 on the quarter system. The second exam is for second year Italian and covers Italian 4-6.

To sign up for the exam, you should send your name and university ID number to Dr. Elissa Tognozzi.