A photo of Massimo Ciavolella

Massimo Ciavolella


Massimo Ciavolella studied at the Universities of Bologna, Rome, and British Columbia, where he received his Ph.D. in Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies. He taught for many years at Carleton University (Ottawa) and at the University of Toronto before coming to his present positions as Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature, Franklin D. Murphy Chair in Italian Renaissance Studies and Director of the UCLA Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. He was the co-founder and co-editor (1970-1991) of Quaderni d’italianistica (the official journal of the Canadian Society for Italian Studies), and he is currently co-editor with Professor Donald Beecher of the series “Carleton Renaissance Plays in Translation” published by the Center for Renaissance and Reformation of the University of Toronto and with Professor Luigi Ballerini of the University of Toronto Press’ “Lorenzo Da Ponte Italian Library,” a collection that will include 100 Italian major texts in English translation.

Professor Ciavolella has directed and served on theses committees and has taught a wide range of courses, including ones on Italian Renaissance and the Classical Tradition. Over the years, he has won academic fellowships and grants, has organized and read papers at a great number of international conferences, and served on the board of several academic books, journals and series.


  • La malattia d’amore dall’antichità al Medioevo book cover
    La malattia d’amore dall’antichità al Medioevo
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  • Malinconia Erotica book cover
    Malinconia Erotica
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  • De la maladie d’amour ou mélancolie érotique book cover
    De la maladie d’amour ou mélancolie érotique
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  • Mostri e prodigi book cover
    Mostri e prodigi
    Salerno Editrice, 1996