A photo of Federica Di Blasio

Federica Di Blasio

  • M.A. (Comparative and World Literature) University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    M.A. (Modern Philology) University of Bologna
    B.A. (European Literatures) University of Bologna

Federica Di Blasio is a Ph.D. Candidate and Teaching Associate in the Department of Italian at UCLA. She is primarily interested in representations of mobility and conceptions of the global space in modern and contemporary literature, and cinema. She has been working on narratives of border crossing focusing on the contemporary Italian and European cinema of migration; in her dissertation, she applies a geopolitical lens to the Italian literary canon, investigating “no-global” and “no-border” attitudes at work in the geopolitical aesthetics of Pavese, Calvino, Pasolini, and Celati. Federica has a background in French literature and published on La Disparition by George Perec in both Italian and French. She is pursuing her certification in Experimental and Critical Theory at UCLA and has theoretical interests in biopolitics, marxism, ethics and ontology, aesthetics and politics. She co-organized the 2017 UCLA Italian Graduate Student Conference Terra e Mare and currently serves as the Managing Editor for the Italian graduate student journal Carte Italiane.