Core Faculty

  • A photo of John Agnew

    John Agnew

    • Distinguished Professor of Geography and Italian
    • Phone: 310-825-1713
    • Office: 1255 Bunche Hall
    • Office Hours: e-mail for Zoom appointment

    John Agnew (Ph.D. Ohio State) is Distinguished Professor of Geography and Italian.  His principal field of research and teaching is political geography. His interests include place and politics in Italy, European urbanization, and the geopolitics of the world economy.  He... » Read More

  • A photo of Massimo Ciavolella

    Massimo Ciavolella

    Massimo Ciavolella studied at the Universities of Bologna, Rome, and British Columbia, where he received his Ph.D. in Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies. He taught for many years at Carleton University (Ottawa) and at the University of Toronto before coming... » Read More

  • A photo of Thomas Harrison

    Thomas Harrison

    Thomas Harrison, Ph.D in Comparative Literature from the Graduate Center, CUNY, is a Professor of Italian. He specializes in modern European intellectual history, literature, the comparative arts and film. He also researches contemporary Italian critical theory, music, the modernist novel... » Read More

  • A photo of Andrea Moudarres

    Andrea Moudarres

    • Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
    • Office: 340C Royce
    • Office Hours: By appointment. Zoom Hours: Mondays, 2pm-4pm. Zoom link:

    Andrea Moudarres (Ph.D  Yale University 2011) is Associate Professor of Italian and the Director of Undergraduate Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. His research interests include Renaissance epic, Dante, Humanism, Machiavelli and political philosophy, and the presence of... » Read More

  • A photo of Lucia Re

    Lucia Re

    • Professor
    • Office: 354 Royce
    • Office Hours: e-mail for Zoom appointment

    Lucia Re (Ph. D in Comparative Literature, Yale University) is Professor of Italian at UCLA and also holds an appointment in the Department of Gender Studies. Her principal fields of study and teaching are modern and contemporary literature and culture.... » Read More

  • A photo of Peter Stacey

    Peter Stacey

    Peter Stacey (Ph.D. University of Cambridge, UK) is an Associate Professor of History with an appointment also in the UCLA Department of Italian.  His primary research interests include Renaissance political theory and intellectual history. Professor Stacey was awarded a fellowship... » Read More

  • A photo of Dominic Thomas

    Dominic Thomas

    Dominic Thomas is Madeleine L. Letessier Professor and Chair of the departments of French and Francophone Studies, Germanic Languages, Italian, and Scandinavian. He is CNN/ CNN International European Affairs Commentator, and author, co-author, editor or co-editor of works on contemporary... » Read More

  • A photo of Elissa Tognozzi

    Elissa Tognozzi

    • Director of Language Program
    • Office: 340A Royce
    • Office Hours: e-mail for Zoom appointment

    Elissa Tognozzi, Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles, is Senior Lecturer SOE of Italian and Director of the Language Program.  Her principal field of research and teaching is second-language acquisition.   Her interests also include teaching culture, Renaissance literature and teaching... » Read More

  • A photo of Stefania Tutino

    Stefania Tutino

    Stefania Tutino is an intellectual and cultural historian of post-Reformation Catholicism. She has published on the relationship between conscience and law in Catholic political thought, on the historical role played by the Society of Jesus in early modern Europe, on... » Read More