Italian Studies at UCLA provide an invaluable key to understanding many facets of European and world civilization. Examined in its own right or studied comparatively, Italian culture offers unmatched rewards. The UCLA faculty views transmitting the Italian language as inseparable from teaching Italian culture in its multiplicity –from literature, cinema, theater and opera to food, fashion, politics and gender roles. Our majors are encouraged to consider virtually all aspects of Italian civilization as they develop their linguistic, critical and analytical skills.

After their linguistic initiation (ideally including a term of study abroad) students can pursue advanced studies in Italian through a wide range of interdisciplinary interdepartmental resources. Italian Bachelor of Arts degrees are offered either in the form of a traditional Major in Italian or by way of the innovative and popular Major in Italian and Special Fields, which combines Italian studies with coursework in another field such as Political Science, Film and Television, Art History, or Gender Studies.

Graduate study aims at the Master of Arts degree (with specializations in Literature, Language, or Italian Cultural Studies) followed by the Ph.D., which specializes in literature. Depending on the student’s interests, the Ph.D. may also include a substantial component in film and comparative studies in another field or discipline.