A photo of Nathanial Peterson-More

Nathanial Peterson-More

  • M.A. (Italian Literature) University of California, Los Angeles
    B.A. (Comparative Literature) University of California, Berkeley
    Laurea Specialistica (Literary Studies) La Sapienza University of Rome

Nathanial Peterson-More, a PhD Candidate, specializes in Italian literature, history, culture, and cinema, and is especially interested in representations and interpretations of historical events in fiction – with a particular focus on La Resistenza and the devastating Civil War fought between Partisans and Fascists in Central and Northern Italy, from 1943 to 1945. His work examines the roles literature has played in formulating and questioning conceptions of Italian national consciousness as well as the complex relations between place and personal identity. Further interests include Dante; Shakespeare; Calvino; film studies; and the influence of English and American literature and culture on 20th century Italian authors.

Nathanial completed his B.A. in Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley, Nathanial moved to Rome, where he taught English at La Sapienza University of Rome for four years. He has a Laurea Specialistica in literary studies from La Sapienza University of Rome, graduating with a thesis entitled, “Solitude in Literature of the Italian Resistance: A Thematic Reading.” In 2014 he obtained the M.A. in Italian literature at UCLA.

He previously served as an editor of Carte Italiane, the journal of Italian Studies edited by graduate students in the Department of Italian, and also served as a co-organizer of the Italian Graduate Student Conference, “La guerra e l’Italia: Italian Identities through War.”